Schooner Mug


Skip the pint and step up your glassware with the Schooner Glass, it's generous size is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels and catered events because it provides an authentic serving and presentation of your favorite beers.

This glass features a large bowl atop a thick, knobbed stem and a heavy foot, so it is easy to grip and is stable on trays and tables. The clear glass is thick, allowing the schooner to keep drinks cold longer, but still maintains excellent clarity so drinks are easily visible.

The Schooner Glass is traditionally used for beer, but can be also used to serve a variety of cocktails.

Product Details

  • 21-oz. capacity
  • Thick glass helps insulate cold drinks
  • Large bowl on top of a thick, knobbed stem and wide foot
  • Clear glass with excellent clarity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Overall Dimensions: 71⁄4 in. H x 41⁄2 in. top dia. x 41⁄4 bottom dia. x 43⁄4 max dia.