Reusable Bulk Food Bags

reusable bulk bags
reusable bags


Our Reusable Bulk Food Bags help retail, grocery, and convenience stores increase sales of not only wine, beer, and spirits, but various types of food as well. Increase sales in your most profitable categories while providing customers a convenient way to chill and/or gift bottles, cans, or 6-packs, as well as to store food. They can also be used to sell ice, which creates a new profit center or increases profitability of existing ice sales – it’s a multifunctional lifestyle bag that has numerous functions and uses in all types of situations/applications.

Benefits to Store Operators
  • Reduces Cost & Saves Shelf Space - Cheaper alternative to a Styrofoam Cooler because it takes up less shelf and storage space. 15 to 25 Glacier Bags use the same amount of space as 1-2 traditional Coolers.
  • Styrofoam Cooler Outlawed - Replacement for Styrofoam Coolers that are becoming outlawed across the country.
  • Up-Sell & Combo Sales - Sell the Glacier Bag to Customers that are purchasing beverages, or create a combo with the Glacier Bag and slowing moving beverages to drive sales.
  • Sell Ice - Allow customers to fill the Glacier Bag with ice at your fountain machine to eliminate your cost of ice.
  • Wine Gift Bag - Sell the Glacier Bag with your wines to give your customers a functional giftbag that can also chill wine.
Benefits for your Customers
  • Cold Beverages - Customers can purchase any beverage from your stores (2-Liter, Wine, Soda Cans, etc.) and it will be cold by the time they arrive to their destination.
  • On the Go Convenience - Perfect for taking beverages to the beach, pool, BBQ, park, party, or anywhere else.
  • Multi-Functional -Glacier Bag is a multi-functional lifestyle bag that your customers will use over and over again. Customers can use it as a traditional bag, dry bag, emergency bag, storage bag for foods/snacks, infusion jar, water bag, etc.

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