Pill Pack Bottle

water bottle pill medicine organizer


We all need water to take our daily vitamins or pills. Now using a daily organizer is also a must for you in remembering to take them each day. So how about combining your daily pill box organizer with your water bottle so you have everything wrapped up in one cool and convenient product? The new, sleek Pill Bottle is an organizer and water bottle that will change everything. The Pill Bottle holds 20 ounces for you to fill up with water, juice or your favorite beverage.

Along with an easy slide in an out seven-day daily pill organizer that can hold 3 large size pills in each compartment so you can have your daily reminder to take your pills. Made with thick BPA free Triton plastic so there is no need to worry about the bottle cracking or leaving condensation that will make the pills no longer usable. Made with 4 small anchors on the bottle so keep it in pace if you choose to lay it down. And yes, the Pill Bottle comes with a lid that doubles as a cup. So there you have it, a neat bottle that’s got an organizer, your drink and your cup all combined in one!

Benefits for Your Business

  • Unique promotional product which attracts people's attention
  • Fully customizable so that it matches your brand
  • Ideal product for drug stores as well as for c-stores
  • Holds 20oz of liquid and up to 20 pills


  • Large capacity: 20oz of liquid and up to 20 large sized pills
  • The cap also works as a cup
  • Available in various colors
  • Simple to assemble
  • Sits eavenly on desks or night tables

pill organizer water bottle