Video Brochures (Marketing)

video brochures marketing collateral

Video Brochures with built-in video displays are a great way to capture your customers attention and show them all the features and benefits of your product/service. Video brochures are especially useful for explaining complex products and leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Imagine opening a brochure that automatically plays your video and shows your client exactly what your product is, and why should they should purchase your product over your competitors. We can design and manufacture the brochures and screens in any size to meet your needs; whether your looking for a POS display, product brochure, or training manual, our video brochures will help you effectively convey your message and capture your customers attention.

Our Video Brochures can be custom manufactured to meet your specifications and do not require any wires, internet connection, or software. Simply open the brochure and it automatically plays.


  • High-end video brochure demands attention
  • Custom designed and manufactured; we can make any style or size!
  • Upload your own video, commercial, ad, etc.
  • Consistently convey your message and product benefits
  • Increase your sales and brand awareness
  • Standout from the competition