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Beverage Bags Save Space and Improve Customer Experience Compared to Gallon Jugs

Beverage Bags are a great way to increase beverage takeout sales, save storage space, and improve your customers’ experience. Individual cups are great for guests who are dining-in, but they’re inconvenient for family meals or when one person is picking up multiple drinks. A beverage bag eliminates the need for guests to juggle multiple cups with takeout orders and eliminates the risk of drink carriers tipping over in the car. Instead, our beverage bag has a reinforced and easy to carry handle, with an integrated pour spout to easily serve 5-8 people (depending on serving size). Beverage bags also offer reduced shipping costs (takes less space/weight on truck) and save on storage space in restaurants and other businesses. We can fit more than 200 gallon beverage bags into the same box that our clients can typically only fit twelve gallon-jugs; this space savings reduces required storage space and freight costs, while improving operational efficiency and sustainability. One gallon or half-gallon sizes are the most commercialized sizes of beverage bags, however we can custom manufacture them to make them any size you need. We also offer a pressure release cap/lid so the beverage bags can be used with carbonated beverages like sodas and beer. We can also custom print your artwork on your bag to increase brand awareness and recognition. Contact us today to learn more about our custom beverage bags, order yours, or request a sample.


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