Case Study - Moscow Mule Mugs

custom moscow mule mugs
Most Popular Items at Restaurants & Bars

Moscow Mule Mugs are one of the most popular items at restaurants and bars. RP & Associates is one of the leading suppliers of Mule Mugs in the US, and we also develop and manufacture Custom Moscow Mule Mugs for our clients.


The Benihana restaurant company, which owns 116 restaurants around the world, decided to use our Moscow mule mug to elevate their customer's unique experience. Benihana decided to stand out; they took our classic Moscow mule style and collaborated with our designers to create a custom designed mug that was shaped as a Chef’s hat. Benihana loved the concept so much that they decided to feature the original mule mug at all of their locations.

Melting Pot

Another unique way our mule mug was completely customized was with The Melting Pot restaurant chain. The Melting Pot is known for their signature fondue’s so we partnered with them to create a mule mug that perfectly resembled the signature melting pot.

Figenza Vodka

Instead of completely creating an entirely new Moscow mule mold from scratch, we were able to come up with another creative solution with some unique handle options. Figenza Vodka joined with RP to create a tailor-made piece with the Figenza mug which features a leaf as the handle. RP also paired with a popular steak house chain by personalizing the mule mug with specially made steak knife handles.

Creating Your Own Mugs

If you're interested in creating your own version and would like to receive more information as well as pricing, you can do so by going to our Custom Moscow Mule Mugs and requesting a quote on the right sidebar, and our representatives will be reaching out with pricing and more info!


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