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Unique Ideas for Liquor Gift-Sets & Value Added Packaging

cardboard packagingVaps custom packaging bannerAlcohol sales increases during the holiday season, and gift-sets/value added packaging (VAPs) often drive a shoppers gift-buying decision. For this reason it's important for brands to have unique and eye-catching liquor packaging; brands often include a branded gift or premium with purchase as well. Here are a few ideas to set your packaging / gift-sets apart and give them maximum shelf impact:

  • Moscow Mule Mugs - Moscow Mules are one of the most popular drinks right now and it's largely due to Copper Moscow Mule Mugs. Guests love Moscow Mule Mugs so much that they have even been report stolen at many concepts - include them in your gift-packs and they're sure to fly off the shelfs.
  • Light-Up Labels & Lights - Bright colors and uniquely shaped packaging are a great way to get attention on the shelf; light-up labels take it one step further and literally make your brand shine.
  • Unique Barware & Drinkware - Many brands includes barware with their gift-packs but when shoppers see the similar gifts in every gift-pack they begin to loose excitement. Instead, provide shoppers with a unique item - like a bottle replica shaker or ice cup - that excites them and further promotes you brand.

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