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Football Season Promotions to Increase Sales

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  Football season is underway, which brings forth a ton of great opportunities to increase sales for your restaurant or bar. From September to February, professional and collegiate football carry the potential to be the driving force of sales, establish a loyal consumer base, and turn Saturday and Sunday into a source of steady profit. Pigskin fanatics are looking for a great place to catch the game, grab a drink and enjoy a meal. Give your guests a reason to visit and stay through the entirety of the game with these fun football products and promotion ideas:

  • Custom Bobbleheads - Bobblehead giveaways are a great way to get feet through the door. Give your fans an incentive to go to the game. Customize your bobblehead today and use the following products in tandem to inflate sales.
  • Football Hitch Shot Glass - This football shaped glass is accompanied with a football shaped shot glass that hitches to the larger football shaped glass. This product is perfect for promoting a beer and shot promotion or a speciality cocktail with a side shot. Keepsake glassware provides incentive to purchase the cocktail at a higher price point.
  • Custom Stir Rods - Functional assets to beverages that require stirring and/or speared garnishes. Stir rods and garnishing spears are a perfect and provident product to generate logo exposure and brand recognition with each beverage served.
  • Grub Tub - Use this product to drive high margin sales and create brand loyalty. Grub Tub allows stadium goers to enjoy their game with food and drink in hand. That's right, hand; singular. No longer required are two hands to juggle cups, trays, snacks and condiments at sporting events. Grub Tub allows fans to eat, drink and be merry as they cheer on their team and eliminate the risk of spilling all over themselves. Custom keepsake cups, bowls and discounted refills are selling points of this particular product.

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